Info on sec.1/15/16/21/22/24/27-15N-16W?

I have recently inherited mineral rights in these coordinates. There was some pro-

duction in the 1990's. I was wondering if any mineral holders knew of any current

production in proximity?

Hi Andrew, the company I work for leased about 1,000 acres last year and currently owns a few hundred mineral acres in 15N-16W. Give me a call whenever to discuss 405-203-9809

There was a well recently completed. It is about three miles east of Thomas, which is about 9 miles east of the sections you listed. Here is a link to an article about that well.

MIller North well

Also there was a company that recently filed "intent to drill" about four miles south of Thomas just off Highway 54. That location is about four miles north of my location. We recently signed a resource lease for $5,000/acre bonus on my location which is just off Highway 54 as well.

Your and my area is just outside the STACK play as defined by most companies. But my location is at the very, very southern end as defined by at least one company I know of. I hope both of us find success in this endeavor.

This area, as well as Canadian, Blaine and Kingfisher counties, is about to explode with activity, in my unprofessional opinion. There are many, many members of the Cheyenne and Arapaho Tribes who have recently received leases on land in these areas (as well as some outside of this area but not nearly as many leases).