Info on Quintle 1R-10-3XH

Where can I find a status or information on the drilling activity in 10-16N-10W, Quintle. Well spud was January 2.

Completion of first one. Plugged and skidded rig. new well is 35-011-23562 1R-10-3XH New permit good til June 30, 2016.

Use the link above except for the /1DD etc. Type in 1016N10W in the location box.

Can you find information on the process of the well drilling before the completion report is filed on the OCCweb site? That takes about 3-4 months correct?

No public information is released until the completion. The actual drilling takes two-three months, completions can range from immediately to over a year in rare cases. The completion reports are usually delayed by about three to four months after the actual completion so it can take from five to 15 months to see something.

You can always ask on the forum. If someone has a drive by knowledge, they might comment. Working interest owners may get information earlier.