Info on phantom wolfcamp field in Reeves County

Can anyone recommend a good book on developing oil fields in the Permian basin? Our first well is located in block C-3 section 12 in Reeves County. We have about 640 acres. My question is can we expect more wells to be drilled in the near future. Just looking for general info nothing specific. Thanks!


Google Wolfcamp, Bone Springs, Delaware Basin and look at the abstract published by the USGS. It shows the known formation limits. Since the development of the wolfcamp, Bone springs and Wolfbone is embryonic, i don't know of any "good books" in publication. We are just feeling our way with horizontal well development but it looks good and you can expect more wells but probably not full development right away.

Also, Google Double Eagle Reeves. DE put out a marketing brochure that is highly complex and directed towards buyers. The cartoons showing the multiple zone potential are easy to understand. The potential will blow your mind. Just keep in mind that much is hypothetical but based on real data.

Gary L Hutchinson