Info on inherited wells

Family members have inherited mineral rights for two wells. Trying to get division orders for wells. Having difficulty getting current info on operators of wells. Legal description 11 16N 6W and NE4 20 16N 5W in Kingfisher county. Also trying to get any info on current production and potential future production in the area. Out of state inheritance and not getting any straight answers from attorneys and well companies. Can anyone help? Thanks, JBird

I am in your same shoes. Other folk at this site directed me to

which is a starting location at the Corporation Commission that will help you generate the data you are looking for. Input the section, township and range, and have a lot of info spill out. You will have to invest time to sort out the meaning and find helpful info. There is also .

This is the Gross Production System wherein the producer reports his official production for tax purposes. This info will be maybe 6 months old (or older) but is will give a lot of info, especially the well API number. I find that if you input the county and select search by legal description you will access info on all producing wells on your property. Again, you will have to spend time and expect to stumble a lot but if you keep at it the organization will start to make sense. Good Luck.

Thanks for the info I have been working on this for about a year and I most definitely have been stumbling around. Briefly looked at both websites and this will definitely help, thanks again!