Info on Garfield county wells

Any one have any idea what’s happening at section 23-22N-5W in Garfield county? I’m new to ALL of this and have no idea what’s going on. I’m in another state.

Welcome to the forum! There are many online resources to help you stay in touch. Richard Winblad has an excellent article under the BLOGS area.

If you live in another state (or any state), make sure that your name and address are correctly filed with the listing of your mineral descriptions in every county where you have minerals. That way landsmen and the commissions can find you.

Chaparral has a well planned in 23. You should have gotten the OCC mailings for it. If not, make sure your name is at the county and also contact the Chaparral attorney to get the mailings. CHAPARRAL ENERGY, L.L.C. 701 CEDAR LAKE BLVD. OKLAHOMA CITY, OK 73114 Contact Name: DAVID E. PEPPER Contact Phone: 405-996-3395

Also, read the MINERAL HELP listed above. Ask lots of questions on the forum. Ready the info in Garfield and any other county where you have minerals to get a feel for the activity. The National Association of Royalty Owners (NARO) has a topic area and a website. Great place for networking, education and understanding the oil & gas mineral world.