Info on Campbell County prospects

My sister and I together have about 100 net mineral acres, part with royalty only, in these areas: T 45N, R 74 W: Section 1 (lots 13-16, Lots 17-18, Lot 19 Section 12: Lot 4 Section 30: All (lots 5-19) Section 31: Lot 8 T 45N R 75W; royalty only, I believe, for these: Section 22 (Lot 15) Section 23: Lots 13-14 Section 26: Lots 3-4 Section 27: Lot 1

Some of these areas are producing a small amount currently.

There have been a number of applications for permits made recently on land adjacent to these holdings, mostly for horizontal wells that go through many depths (Niobrara and Mowry, for example). I’ve received quite detailed listings of the various wells proposed, and sometimes the bore holes are next to our property. I assume they would drain from the pool beneath, so we might be eligible for royalties eventually? I know that pulling a permit does not mean the well will be drilled or if drilled, a good producer, but I wonder what the prospects are in that area of Campbell County.

Thanks for any information as I am a beginner in this and am trying to learn. We got an estimate of the value, done by a landman, when we inherited these rights so I have an idea of what they could be worth, but it depends on how the markets are and if there is a buyer etc. I am responsible for my sister’s part of this too and want to be careful for her sake as well as mine.

P.S. It is possible that we actually own 200 mineral acres between us on those lands but I am not sure how to find out. The paper work is confusing.

I just posted a similar question. I am receiving certified mail detailing applications for drilling permits on land where I own minerals. Apparently there is a big rush to get permits issued but it is very unclear what that will really mean even if they are approved. I’m wondering if you ever got any answers to your questions?

No. No one ever replied. I know there are many more people on this site who are involved in Texas and Oklahoma mineral rights than in Wyoming.

I’ve continued to get more of the certified mail notifications of drilling permit applications but don’t know if I am getting them simply because of proximity to possible drilling sites or whether if they ever do drill, we would actually be likely to receive any royalties. There are many articles about the problem in Wyoming of many companies trying to be first to lock up drilling rights so there is a huge backlog plus most wells will never be drilled.