Info on Betche 1-33?

Does anyone have a spud date for the Betche 1-33.

Sect 33 -T10N-R7W?

Spud date - 12/16/2017

Thank you for your reply. This went to pool and the expiration date was Dec 5 or 8th

my question is ..are they in compliance or within the timeframe they agreed to?

Depends on how the OCC defines "commencement of operations" under a pooling. You are not listed as a respondent to the order though unless I'm missing something.

I am inquiring for my Mom. When I called Corporation Commission I asked her to look up the Order

of the Commission. The date she gave me was one year from Dec 8, 2016. She informed me the date was the spud date.

That was two weeks ago and we have not heard back from her.

So now what? What if they’re not in compliance with their contract?

The first sentence of Paragraph 9 of the Pooling Order says, "Commencement of Operations: That Operator shall commence operations for the drilling or other operations with respect to the initial well covered hereby within one (1) year from the date of this order and shall diligently prosecute the same to completion in a reasonably prudent manner, or this order shall be of no force and effect, except as to the payment of bonus." .... It is the "or other operations" wording that will be used to maintain their compliance (my thoughts).

In the top right is a search box... enter "commencement of operations" and you can find several threads that you may find helpful on the subject... here is one that is pretty good from a respected attorney.

Reply by tim dowd on June 18, 2015 at 3:43pm

unless you have a provision in your lease, the lease can be continued by commencement of operations, which in most states, is dirt work, location building, building roads, etc. As long as they start surface work prior to the deadline in your lease, then they can continue working to drill a well.

Allow me to comment about “commencement of operations” of the Betche #1H-33 Well. This well is on our surface plus we own a substantial mineral interest in this section. “Comnencement of operations” began a few days before our lease expiry. This photo was sent to our attorney on November 17 to prove “commencement of operations” began by moving of dirt. All my new leases require a rig to be on site capable of drilling to depth as defining “commencement of operations”.

Don, thank you for shedding light on this matter for us!

Mr. Betche, thank you for sharing. I will pass along the information about the rig being onsite

to my Mom. My dad has always taken care of the minerals and since his passing we are

dealing with the learning curve. All information provided is greatly appreciated!!

Sheree, if I can help with anything specific to this well, let me know since it is your well too. This is not a great photo but here is the rig on the Betche #1H-33. It moved in a few days before Spud.

What an awesome sight!! I pray it is a good well for all with a stake in it.

They laid down the rig on Betche #1H-33 yesterday and moving out today after 26 days drilling. I expected them to be there longer for a ~16,500 feet total measured depth well. I am trying to find out if they drilled the full planned lateral.

I heard today from a reliable source that the Betche #1H-33 will be fracked early March. Friends report a number of well sites flaring gas because pipelines are not ready. This is photo of Well Head today.

Mr Betche, my brother drove by the location and sent word that the fracing has started. Any idea how long they have been at it?

They moved in frac equipment last couple days and we were told that they would begin today. This is a short completion interval because of well location at about 4000 feet. I was told this was due to a fault in the section but this is unconfirmed. With such a short completion interval, my GUESS is it will only be about 20 stages of frac and will be done in less than a week. We have granted a pipeline easement to Blue Mountain Midstream but pipeline is not laid thus no place for gas to go after completion. My sister will be taking some photos and I will post.

A friend was at frac site yesterday and was told they were going to do a 36 stage frac which really surprises me if accurate. Usually they frac every 200 feet of lateral. If 36 stage frac is accurate, I see this as good news since I am not helping pay for it!

My friend double checked with frac crew supervisor and was told planned frac is 24 stages which makes more sense. They started #11 frac stage this morning so will be finished this weekend sometime.

Thank you for the reply and as always thank you for your updates!!

My sister will be at the site tomorrow and will take some photos that I will post. They have begun pipeline work across our surface property so they should soon have pipeline connected for gas from the well.

Sheree,who are your parents and/or grandparents as I am sure I know your family.

A beautiful day in Oklahoma to frac this well.

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