Info on 29-11-5, Anyone have any selling price?

Has anyone sold any minerals in 29-11-5. Just wondering what they are worth.

I’ve heard 11n-5w is outside the “merge” areas.

I am not sure exactly what “merge” means but Roan is drilling 2 wells on 20-11-5. I have had offers of 10-12,000 per acre.

Val Connell Carter

MERGE is the area between the STACK and the SCOOP. It will be posted on the maps of many of the operators investor presentations.

Merge just like the scoop and the stack doesn’t really have blanket pricing as it depends on the Section, OCC activity and operator most of the time. Highest numbers I have heard for the merge were in 3 other townships and wasn’t close to 16K per acre. Merge minerals pricing ranges I’ve heard about are anywhere from $6,000 per acre to $12,500 per acre assuming burdened by 3/16ths (these are instances where people offer and actually close on what they offer). If you get $16,000 in this section kudos to you my friend. I’m sure Roans “merge” maps are a little different than Citizen, Camino etc…