Info needed on oil and gas wells

I have mineral rights. I am wondering if there is a company that is leasing my rights. I have the deed. And location of wells. My papers say 50 acres in grady county ok. Does anyone know where i can look up this info.

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You can look up the wells on the Oklahoma Corporation Commission site. Test. They are filed by surface location.

For last 12 mo of production (about four months late), look at the OK tax site.Gross Production I have found looking for the bottom hole location first finds most of the wells, then work up the hole if horizontal to see where it is posted.

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I tried to look up info i am so new to this. Any assistance would be appreciated, here is the info i have: sw4/ nw/4 sw/4 & w/2 se/4 of section 5, township 6n, range 6w se/4 se/4 of section7, township 6n, range 6w se/4 se/4 ne/4 of section 8, township 6n, range 6w

Go to “test” cf: above as Martha indicated.

It’s pretty easy to use. Simple and straight forward.

Use the TEST well records site listed above. Only put in 0506N06W and try that. Use leading zero where needed.

only thing came up is 1. nothing else to look at

I typed in 05 06N 06W in the legal location boxes. There are two wells reporting for Section 5. Chester 1-23H and Cunningham 1-5H . Both wells are online and you should be in pay status if you have clear title to the mineral rights. Therefore, no leasing since they are already holding a lease by production. (Hit the blue PUN number and lots of info will pop up.)

I typed in 07 06N 06W. Held by the Pudge 1-7-6XH horizontal well. Again, no leasing since holds a former lease.

I typed in 08 06N 06W. McNeil #1 hold the whole section by production.

The primary term of a lease holds the acreage for a designated period of time. If a well is drilled and is productive, then the lease moves into the secondary term which remains as long as there is production on the spacing of that well. Some leases say “in paying quantities”.

thanks for all the info i am so new to this.

All of us started that way. Ask tons of questions. If you are not in pay status on these wells, then you may have some probate work to do if you just inherited.

No they are older wells 1993

What exactly are you looking for?

If your deed is recorded with the Grady County Clerk you will be contacted by landmen. If you have not recorded your deed you need to.Be sure your correct address and phone/email is shown on the deed. To research this info up you will need to determine how you got the deed. It may have been via a Probate, Trust or sale/gift etc. You will probably need to go back several years and transfers to find your share of the Minerals. If you know where( how you got the Minerals) that will help in your research. You will need to find the past history that has been recorded in the County Clerk’s Office. Hopefully one of your family had the Minerals listed in a Probate/will or Trust. If your minerals were not recorded or were forgotten to to placed into a will/probate a Quiet Title/reopen Probate will need to be approved by the County Probate Judge. You will probably need a lawyer for this …

Thanks bud. I found. Most stuff. And there producing. Just have to get ball rolling

Hey tigger, So did you go to the county Clerks office in the same county as your wells? I just bought 2 1/2 acres for a $1000.- which is no longer leased . Do you think I should sell it for $5000.- or keep it? There’s some wells producing in moffat county Colorado.

I did it all online. If there draft payments check dont do it. First look up location were wells are.