Info in Section 7 Township 8 South Range 3 East

I own 39 acres of mineral rights. We are leased with RD Williams. Wondering if anyone has heard anything about this area

There has been a very high number of leases near you in the last couple of years and into 2019. No OCC cases yet, but when they file, you will get copies of them in the mail if you name and address are listed correctly at the county courthouse and associated with the legal of the minerals. Something appears to be going on in the background.

There is a rig up. About 4 miles east west of us. I know there getting close. I know there doing work in I believe 2 east.

We have had offers trying to buy are mineral rights. There is 5 of us on the lease. We are all equal shares in 100% of the minerals

I laugh when I get the offers to buy my minerals

You said appears something in the background. Was wondering what you mean

It means that there appears to be what is called “stealth leasing” and that the operator is not announcing their plans to the public at this moment. This usually happens when they are trying to get a significant portion of their leasing done before they file any cases at the OCC.

Hmm interesting. Everything has been really hush hush with us.

That is normal. Once you are leased, it is pretty quiet until the OCC cases are filed to get permission to drill the well. Operators are focussed on making money, not informing mineral owners of activity. They may have thousands and thousands of folks to deal with. You hear from the operator with a division order if the well is productive. Otherwise, you have to do your own detective work at the OCC and other sources.

I’d also caution you against what seems to be playing the low-ball game with interest owners. One LARGE company has sent letters wanting curative stuff on lands they do not have leased. When questioned why, the answer was oh we are dropping that area not interested. Next thing Non-Ops and Leasing agents are wanting to lease the same area like crazy. Every one of them told me that the previous LARGER company was who they were leasing for and would assign their leases to…

I had a lawyer do my family’s stuff. We have leased with RD Williams twice. I heard they represent xto which works threw Exxon mobil

OCC granted for 16&21 7 E

Section 16 and 21, Township 7 S, Range 2 E, Love County

I’ve received this past week from Barnes Law

Relief Sought: multiunit horizontal well and Relief Sought: Drilling and Spacing

Extending Spacing orders: A 640 acre tract underlying common tract Sect 29, Township 7 S, Range 2 E Hunting common and Woodford common

The map shows sections 7,8,9 18, 17, 16 19, 20, 21 30, 29, 28

In that order. All have xto on them

Both granted in January.

Don’t know how it might affect you, but sounds like XTO is combing and drilling more.

Let me ask. Your saying they are going to be in my area and yours looking and drilling. And its Xto doing it. That’s awsome

If you are in the same sections mentioned by Buckley, then you should be getting OCC notices from the Barnes Law firm. If not, then your attorney needs to make sure the probate documents are on file in the Love County courthouse. If you did not receive OCC filings, come back here and I can give you the contact info from the filing.

M_Barnes, We have mineral rights in Section 7 Township 8 South Range 3 East, have not received OCC filings or been contacted.

Section 7 Township 8 South Range 3 East

No cases in 7-8S-3E. Buckley cases were in 7S, 2E However, there is a lot of leasing in 7-8S-3E. Make sure your name and address and title information are filed in the county clerk’s office in Love.

Its filed. We are leased threw RD Williams

Good, then you just sit back and wait for things to take their normal course.

I am in 7 7 2 east (Martin well) and have not received any information regarding disposition of this event. How am I able to gain information ? I appreciate your your assistance in this matter. All beneficiary information has been properly filed.