Info for Mineral Owners


Newcomers to the forum often want to know about activity on or near their property. I hope this is helpful.

For leasing activity, other forum members here are the best source, so ask, making sure to give the legals with at least section, township and range. Then share what you know when others ask. You may be fortunate enough to own in a county with free online access to County Clerk documents. Filed leases complete with addenda/exhibits can be read and perhaps printed. Call the County Clerk for information and login instructions if available. Bonus amounts are not included on leases.

For O&G company activity, open this link , then enter the Legal Location. Next check the box Exclude ECM (unless your minerals are in the Panhandle). Click Search, to see EVERYTHING in the OCC system that has been scanned for that section. You may wish to limit the search to a more recent date if the section has been heavily developed over the years. Drop down to Scan Date, enter a beginning date and use today's date in the last field. These are documents that the O&G companies never send mineral owners. As you begin researching your minerals, leave the Form # blank. Later you may want to limit to specific documents. Some of these are: Form 1000, Permit to Drill, Recomplete or Reenter; 1001A Spud Notice; 1002A Completion Report; and 1073 Transfer of Operator. There are other forms, but these will probably be of most interest. IMPORTANT - because surface location for horizontal drilling is often in an adjacent section, be sure to search all 9 sections! See the page 32 of the document below for an explanation of the United States Land Survey System.

Unless you are really familiar with mineral ownership in Oklahoma, consider downloading (and printing) “Basic Information for the Oklahoma Royalty Owner” Last Revision - September 2012, (Oklahoma Corporation Commission) found at . This 37 page + cover guide is excellent - lots of good information!

Also check out the National Association of Royalty Owners website , especially the Oklahoma Chapter page. Information on Unclaimed Property held in the Mineral Owners Escrow Account (MOEA) of by the State Treasurer, and much more.

Thank you for such a great summary! I am appreciative of you guys helping the rest of us get up to speed.

Well done!

Barbara and Claudia, thanks for the feedback. So often it is impossible to know if information is appreciated. I always try to remember when I did not know - and that was not so long ago.

One additional tip using the Well Records link - if you use %, the wildcard symbol, instead of the section number, you will pull up all documents for the entire township, especially timesaving if your section is in the interior of the township.

Awesome again, Wesley! Thank you!