Industry Practice When Leasing Mineral Rights Within a Section

Two Questions:

  1. When reading the legal description of the survey boundary lines for net mineral acres within a Section/Township/Range, does the abbreviation “SW/c” stand for Southwest corner" of whatever area being referenced (section, quarter, quarter-quarter)? Or, do survey boundary lines apply only to surface acres and not to net mineral acres within a Section?

  2. Is it common industry leasing practice to lease only part of the net mineral acres within a specified section/township/range – perhaps because doing so, in theory, more closely follows the production zone being explored? Or, should the leasing company lease all of the contiguious net mineral acres a person owns in the Section? I ask because I have inherited net mineral acreage in Section 6-12N-5E, Lincoln County, OK and the probated will passes about156 net mineral acres to 3 decedents (52 acres each); yet the proposed lease addresses only about 76 net mineral acres for the three decedents to share. The fractional interest is one-half for all 156 net mineral acres.