Increased density relief sought for Sec 25 and 36 6N-6W


4 wells into Woodford, 2 wells into Missippiian formations for both these sections.

How long “normally” granted response by OCC? I am considering selling some interests in Grady sec 2,11 25,35,36. of these which would you hold and which to sell?



Is everything in 6N 6W ? Will help whoever has any suggestions.



Section 2- Increased density Continental Resources Section 11- Increased density Continental Resources Section 25-Increased density Continental Resources Section 36 Increased density Continental Resources.

If it were me, I would not sell any of it because “buy” offers are usually low to the pending value because they want to make money off of you. If you feel you have to, then it is not an all or nothing deal. You can sell a few acres and keep the rest and not lose out on the upcoming royalties.



I appreciate your experienced comments. Thanks!


Grady 2 3N-6W
Grady 11 3N-6W
Grady 25 5N–6W
Grady 25 6N-6W
Grady 35 6N-6W
Grady 36 6N-6W


That would be different answers if the townships change. Grady 2-3N-6W Gulfport had a spacing request for 1-3N-6W. You have producing wells in 2. Grady 11-3N-6W, That is the other part of the producing wells in 2. Time will tell if they drill more. Structural issues will be important.

Grady 25-5N-6W- Marathon filed for increased density horizontal wells in the west half of 25 for wells with 36.
All good areas. If it were me, I would hang on. You have to make your own decision based upon your family’s needs.