Increase prodution after frac water is gone

After frac will a well prodution increase after the water is gone? Section 30 18n 4e R&j initial prodution came in at 23 BPD from the woodford with large amount of frac water . This is Payne County Ok.

Yes. Generally, you won't see full potential until after the load water is recovered and the well is pumped off. Depending on the size of the frac, it could take weeks to get the load back. Be patient.

Tom, could it take months to get the water out? We were told that ours was fracked like 18 times and that they are still working to get the water out. They shut it down for a few days in October and put some sort of a pump to help get the water out. What do you think this means? Is it common? Thanks in advance

Tracy, I suppose it could take a couple of months. An 18 stage frac could be pretty big. I'd guess that's either a very deep vertical well or a horizontal. There are too many variables to tell exactly how long it will take. Amount of water used/type of rock/lift design/lift rate/etc.

They may have put a submersible pump down the hole to speed up load water recovery. This is pretty common. It's a question of economics. They have to rent that pump and then when it's done, send a crew out there to retreive it. This costs money. If it's worth it to them to get the water back quickly and find out what the well IPs, then they will do it. If not, they just let it pump off normally.

Remember, every nickel that they put down that hole has to come back looking like a dime for the well to be economic.