Increase in Property Taxes

Just finished protest of our property taxes on our 58 acres on CR 2903. Appraisal went up 10X from $2,400 to $24,000. I guess paying less than $50/yr for 40+ is over.

Thanks for sharing. Could you tell me the Block Section of your and? My call is coming up and my property is in the western part of the county. Also, how much did they drop the appraisal if at all.

I just got my tax bill. Taxes went up the same almost tripled & now no time to protest. I never got an appraisal. Wondering if there’s anything I can do this late in the game.

Our minerals/property were transferred from my mom’s estate to us about this time last year. I had to contact the appraisal district. In May, the estate/mom got the appraisal notice. Contacted the appraisal district and they said they would get me a valid appraisal. Never did. Did receive an email with some information from the district, but never a proper (I would think required) appraisal notice. They did have the right name and address when they sent my brothers and I our tax notices. Of course they are way up. Same with the surface valuation (that increased about 500 percent). Between Reeves County and the feds, minerals will pay the taxes with just a little bit left over.

Stories like yours and others about the process of this mass reappraisal in Reeves Co shows that it was very poorly executed and I think the outcomes are very suspect. I appealed my appraisal, but still had a 462% increase in value, and a 429% increase in taxes (without any revenue of any kind from the land to offset that).

We have been paid on royalties for years without Reeves CAD appraising or billing us on the interests. Just the surface taxes have been appraised and paid throughout the three years that have passed receiving royalties without paying The County on our fair share of oil/gas taxes.

Question: Can the County make us pay for years that have passed without the 6 well taxes being assessed and invoiced? These wells are in two different sections in Reeves County I might add.


The operator submits the list of royalty owners to the appraisal district on an annual basis. If the wells have been missed by the county, then when added, the back taxes can be assessed.

Can’t answer your question,but I received my statement also .Last year was $389 @ 19200 evaluation.This year @ 45000 was 887.Had I not protested the 72000 proposal ,my bill would have been $1,420. Guess you could say they tricked me into believing l saved $533. By the way , a friend of mine saw an article I the Pecos Enterprise of a solar company talking to county officials about 4500 acres to put panels on. The area was north of Balmorhea,east of hwy17. Seems to be a little south of 3334 , close to the sub station ,which is in bulk 13,sec 69. Anyone have further info? Thanks again to the forum.Cj

Sorry about the location. Should be west side of hwy 17.Cj

My property is in section 39 block 13 A-464 . is it anywhere near that? Thanks

Looks like you are 7or 8 miles southwest. Interstate 10 goes across the north part.Cj

Thanks. Property is between hwy 10 and 17 cloverleaf on the south side.

I just got a property tax bill that indicated a 100% increase. Non producing land. Could recent sale of 2 AC at 30,000 per AC be responsible for this? How can I protest the tax increase at this late date? Correct ownership and division is currently a case waiting to be heard in Feb. this year. Mean while I am given a Tax bill for approximately 60 AC I do not own at 100 % more than last year. Any suggestions for me?

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