Incorrect mineral title

To make a long story short my family has been looking into our mineral rights due to letters from a company who says we own some in sec 33. The mineral rights have been in my family since 1920 and been passed down by inheritance. My grandmother died leaving a will. In the will she left her estate to her boyfriend and last surviving child. My cousin talked his mother into signing them over to him and he sold them. We could not figure out why we kept getting these letters. A guy from a Oklahoma oil company did some research and said he could not find any record of them in probate so by law they had to be passed down. The same rights he said that belong to us were sold by my cousin. I reached outto the company that purchased them and have not heard anything. What do i do? How do i know who they belong to?

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Your cousin should have filed the purchase of the interest of record in the County Clerk Office (or whatever the equivalent is in Oklahoma). It is also on the company that purchased the interest to file their purchase of record. However, neither of these would be located in probate. You can give the landman the name of your cousin and the name of the company that purchased from him if you want, as well as the time frame in which this purchase occurred. The landman can then run it out further. If you sign anything, like an oil and gas lease or a mineral deed, do NOT warrant anything. It’s not your responsibility to verify the title or make sure the documents are recorded.

Thank you. This stuff is so confusing. The company never got back to me really makes me wonder if they bought my rights by mistake.

Probably requires an Oklahoma Probate case to resolve title to the minerals.