Incorrect barrels of oil paid for on monthly revenue check

I have subscribed to the monthly production report from the NDIC and for the past few months, the barrels quoted on my revenue statement, match the NDIC report. This month, they were off by around 2,000 barrels. May be just a mistake on the NDIC report as their report listed the exact number of barrels (runs) as Nov. Seems strange that Nov & Dec would be exactly the same.

Anyone out there have any ideas???

I would say call the operator but I take it you pay the subscription because you have a trust issue so calling them wouldn’t help but they are the only ones that can help.

No, I don’t have a trust issue, I just enjoying knowing ahead of time what is coming. I may call them tomorrow and have them explain. I just thought someone out there might know why this happens. Like… there could be a simple answer.

Were the production days on the web site the same as previous, 30 or 31 days? If not it may have been down for some reason.

Just so everybody knows how this works.

The Operator reports to the appropriate state agency each month its barrels produced and barrels sold on oil. On gas, the gas produced is reported, the gas sold is reported and the gas used on lease is reported. Shrinkage can be computed.

So this is not a trust issue at this time. The Conservation Commission or Railroad Commission or whomever does not send someone out running around in a pickup truck to go to every well in the state on the last day of the month and look at production gauges. This information (subject to production audit) is reported by the Operator.

With almost clear certainty, this is a clerical mistake.