Inconsiderate people

What I really dislike is people breaking their word and not getting back to me as promised. I try to be completely up front in my dealings with others. It is completely unprofessional and reflects poorly upon those who do it.

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I agree. About the best I can offer is send a letter to their Manager or Director.

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Thx Jay, I believe I will follow your suggestion. Common courtesy seems to be a problem for some. Thank You

Wes Tucker


@wesleyl240 Thanks for expressing exactly what so many others feel also.

The simple act of doing what you say you’ll do, will, I"m afraid, always be treated lightly by some, yet is a constant companion to those of integrity.

With respect to conversations with landmen etc. related to oil and gas leasing - asking them something along the lines of, “If you’ll follow up with me in writing on what we’ve discussed today, I’ll appreciate it…” If/when you find that they will not do this, you’ll easily tease out the wheat from the chaff.