Inactive well. How long before I can release?

I have interest in a well in Williams County that has been inactive for close to 11 months. I have the basic subscription so I can see no oil has been sold since Aug 2019. What are the time frames for a release scenario? What code can I look up to verify? Thank you.

What section, township and range? Go and look at your lease and see what your shut in time frame is. Usually a year, but it can be different. You can request a release of lease from the lessee.

How do you look that stuff up. I have a couple wells in Williams co but I never know how to look anything up. The basic subscription is free. You can pay $50 for the premium for a year.

So you do a well search? Or something else?

You can look up wells, spacing units, see maps etc. Read about reservoirs. It is a very useful site.

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