I'm Lost on a lease

I just inherited a piece of land that I just filed with the courthouse and all it says is McPherson-Groves don’t no if its 1-20 or I-20 SE SW SEC20T12N-R10E and also don’t no how much land. Does anyone no about this area or if it has any activity on it ? Deciding if I want to keep it sell it. Thanks

The gross acres of SE SW is 40 acres. The SW quarter is 160 acres and the SE quarter is 40 acres. You would need to know if you have the complete 40 acres or just a portion of it or none at all. You mentioned a well. You may only have the royalty rights, not the mineral rights. There is a well called the Groves 1-20 which was drilled in the SE4 SW4 of Section 20. It looks like it was sold to Circle 9 Resources LLC in 2015. They should have information about whether you have a valid lease tied to mineral acres or if you have royalty rights alone. It is still producing, but barely. You should contact them to get into pay status. Unless it has changed, it looks like their address is PO Box 18734, Oklahoma City, OK 73514.