I'm Completely Lost

I'm trying to find out who owns the mineral rights to land my parents owned. They had either 40 or 43 acres in Latimer County Oklahoma which they sold I believe somewhere between 1980 and 1990. My Dad died in 1995 and my Mother in 2009. I found a couple of letters from some landmen dated 2001 wanting to lease the mineral rights. They were addressed to my Mother and me, bu I never knew about them until a few weeks ago while going through some old papers and stuff. Since they were sent in 2001, that leads me to believe they didn't sell the mineral rights and I'm their only child.

I've been to the County Clerks office and found a lot about the land they owned (and some I didn't know they owned), but I don't know how to make heads or tails out of it. So, I really would like to find out where to go from here.

Thanks for any help.

Start with finding the recorded deed of the sale. You parents will be the grantors and X as grantee. Then you can see if they reserved any or all of the minerals on the sale or perhaps reserved an NPRI. Also be sure to check to see if there were any additional documents filed by either one or both of your parents to be sure that they did not sell any retained minerals later. If the original sale deed reserves minerals, then you need to research backwards into your parents and the earlier owners to determine Many counties have records available on-line, although the dates may be limited.

Thanks. I'll make another trip to the courthouse next week and see what I can find. It seems like my Mother wouldn't have received an offer from a landman if she didn't own the minerals...would that be a correct assumption?


I can help back to 1967 on my computer. I sent you a Friendship Request. I will assist with no strings attached.


That would be great. What do you need from me?

Father and mother's names and legal description if possible


Eddie and Vera Upton

NW1/4 of the NE1/4 of Section 28, Township3 North, Range 19 East. Latimer County, Oklahoma