I'm a need help own 20 acre lot 17. Sec28 blk1 in ward county TX

How do I find out if I or someone else own the mineral right. I’ve owned this property since 2006. I was told there could be some activities going on. I got a call from a Devon energy company about 3 years ago. I didn’t think anything of it at the time. Should I be receiving a royalty check or something from them. Any help would be appreciated.

Desperately seeking guidance. CW

Shell operates Bramblett 1-28 WRD 1H, 2H, 3H and 4H wells in that section. Most likely you acquired only surface there. Check your deed to see if it states whether the assignment is limited to surface only. You can contact land department at Shell to ask if the drilling title opinion lists any unknown or missing mineral owners.



Contact the Ward County Appraisal District located in Monahan's, TX. recorders office; Vicki Heflin is the

County recorder, phone is 432-943-2546, Presently you do not know if you own the mineral rights; what does you inherence documents say? You will need the information off your Tax Statement, ID numbers etc.. They can tell you if you owe tax on the land or tax on minerals, two different tax bills and if there other owners. You would also owe taxes to Reeves County Appraisal District in Pecos, TX for the independent school District tax. It doesn't sound like you have a lease as the call from Devon Energy may have been inquiry only. If you were to have a lease you would know it as there are lot of documents required. Advise; Don't sign the oil companies documents, always use an oil/gas attorney when dealing with oil and gas companies or you will make mistakes and leave $ on the table. You should receive Bonus money per acre owned, plus no less than 1/4% royalty share when negotiating a lease. You will need to protecting yourself from a long list of environmental concerns, water rights and ROW (right of Ways) for distribution pipe lines that could cross your property.

I'm sure other members will have different ideas which will help you in answering your question. There is another site which can help you locate your property on the Ward County oil/gas map by legal description.


Thank TennisDaze and Mike, the information was very helpful. I am new to this. Contacted Shell's land department.Talked with someone in the President's office, gave him all the information. got an email back saying if someone dont get in touch with me in a timely manner to call him back .

What considered timely, a week, a month?????????

With the holilday season and a major oil company, it could be after the first of the year.

It will take a while for your message to circulate down stream from the president's office to the land department people handling this part of the Permian Basin.

Thanks Rock man, a few months will give me time to learn as much as possible since I’m new to all of this. Also when someone get back to me I will be a little more knowledgeable about what’s going on. I’m learning a lot from this forum. THANKS TO ALL.

You can also search the Ward County Appraisal District site as a way to find other mineral owners in your section if there is production.

Hi mike, Thanks for taking the time to respond to a newbie. I truly appreciate it. I found out that I only own the surface and I need to call shell’s land department. I called them, they asked me a few questions,went to the computer then asked if I were getting paid. I said no. Then they asked for a copy of my deed. I called Ward county to request a copy because I never had a copy. As soon as I get it I will send them a copy. So how does this work? I owned the surface since 2006. The guy at shell told me there are 4 wells on my property. One I know since 2011 and another since 2014, the other 2 I have no idea. All this is new to me. Do I get paid from the time they stepped on my property? The roads? The wells? Would it go back to 2011 when the well was completed? Or when it began?? Sooo many questions. Right now shellis waiting on a copy of the deed. I’m trying to learn as much as possible before getting back to them.

Desperately in need of guidance CW

Carolyn, Your Lot 17 is 20 surface acres, out of the 640 acres in Section 28. Seller reserved all minerals. Whether or not there is a well, road, electric line, pipeline or other right-of-way crossing your lot depends on its exact location within the section. A well pad covers 5-7 acres. If all or any part of a well pad is located on your lot, then you are entitled to a one-time payment of damages. Shell generally does a thorough search of the deed records of surface owners so it is not likely that a Shell well is located on your lot. You can order a copy of the plat of the lots in Section 28 from the Ward County deed records to see your location. You would also be paid damages for any road, electric line or pipeline which is constructed after the date that you got title to the lot. There has been a recent seismic project in Ward County and the company is paying of $20 per acre as damages.