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Would like any information on Marden Properties, LP. , from Texas I believe. Thanks

Marden based in Beaumount, Tx. Been around for about 10 years. Appears to be brokerage group, i.e. is sub contracted by operators to do leasing and /or land work in various areas

To Przzz;




I am a landman from close to your area, contact me if you have any questions.

What leasing activity is happening in Effingham Co. Illinois?

I am trying to find out what leasing, drilling, etc activity is going on in ILL. I have an offer to lease in Effingham Co.

I no longer live in Illinois so the politicians don’t care about my opinion. But everyone needs get on the governor to allow horizontal drilling. Once that is allowed lots of leases will be made and lots of drilling will happen. Write the governor and complain.

I should have said horizontal drilling and fracking.


I am a landman in Illinois. Send me a private email and I will tell you what I can. I live about 45 miles from Effingham, and office in Oblong and Taylorville

I own small mineral interest in Bond, Montgomery and Wabash Counties. Has there been any recent activity in these counties? Is there a state run website to research this info?

My mother owns the mineral rights under a small parcel of land in Jefferson Co., IL. Any activity in that area? She lives in Florida and my dad passed away 17 years ago. How far do landsmen go to find owners. If they can’t be located, what then?