I would like to sell two royality interests in Starr Co

I have one that produces approx $3.5k month and another that produces anywhere from $1k -$2k month lately. Interested in selling all or part and ineterested in trading part for land in the hill country west of Austin (Lake Travis/Dripping Springs area).


I have a house in Sunrise Beach, (Lake LBJ), near Horse Shoe Bay and Marble Falls, that I might be interested in making a trade for. I love the area but I have been looking for some place closer. I’m across the street from constant level LBJ and exactly 1 mile from a park/boat ramp. You might want to consider LBJ instead of Lake Travis as LBJ is constant level. Lake Travis just about dried up last summer. If you think you might be interested let me know and I’ll send you more info and some pictures.

Thanks, Chuck Reagan, Sr. Landman for Lime Rock Resources.

I’d love to get more information on the properties. I don’t have property to trade, but we evaluate minerals on a regular basis. I’ll send a message with my contact information shortly.



Appreciate the offer. It may work, but I should have been more specific - the area is what I’m looking for and raw land. Lake Travis is close enough to Austin whereas, LBJ is a bit of a haul. Also, in a perfect world, i’d like a little cash in the deal - I’m afraid the improvement of the house would be a deal breaker.

RT - you can contact me at jfgorner at hotmail dot com.