I want to sell my mineral/royalty instead leasing

Last Fall, 2016, Antero Resources sent to my property Allegheny Land Surveyors to obtain my total mineral ownership upon my land. This Oil Firm has leased the Mineral Interest upon several community tracts around my region, and I know what they paid to Lease, Royalty Interest and No Production cost, etc... on those small tracts However, I would rather just sell my Mineral Interest and Royalty instead and told Antero Resources of this. Now, I have EQT(StatOil) and another firm CSSSO(something to this effect) asking if I would be interested in leasing as well too. From what I gather, they are wanting to Horizontal Frack under my land as well as my neighbors. Again, I offered to Sell my Minerals and Royalty Interest too these firms also. I know EQT(StatOil) is reopening a Frack Pad down the road from me so they can Horizontal Frack. Does anyone here, or know of anyone that is a serious buyer of Mineral and Royalty interest they could refer me too? Thank You

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