I thought Stocks and Bonds were confusing until Mineral Rights

I'm a new member. I have my 1 acre in Reeves Co. No land. It's the "Famous", he bought the Fully Paid-Up Lease decades ago. The Trust Fund admins carried it on the Books at "0" value. Last year, I leased my Mineral Rights. $4300 fell in my lap. I have the Block Number and an Abstract No and all that. I spent my career in the securities industry attempting to figure "It" out. This oil and gas rig takes the cake in the "Go Figure".

Reeves County is a great place to own minerals.

I guess it is. It's all about whether $50 oil is worth the effort. Just how much does it cost to extract a barrel of oil in Reeves Co,?

$50 a barrel isn't too bad for a good well. Wells in Reeves county probably cost more than my wells in ND but my operator faces a negative $8-$10 differential in price because of where the oil is and I've had 12 infill wells drilled in the last year. They aren't drilling those wells to lose money, let the operator worry about the price of oil, it's out of your hands.

Hahahaaaa! Glad I just saw this thread from August! Ya real learning curve! Same boat William send me your location here or to my inbox. Meeting as many newbies as possible to this Reeves game!

I could use some help here. I’m new to this. A family member just left me some mineral rights and I don’t even know what county it’s in. All I have is a section number, state, and property number… I’m sorts of confused.