I recently inherited mineral rights in divide county. Application for a well within 150 feet from my mineral rights

I recently inherited 18 gross acres in Divide County township: 163, range: 99, section:14 - NW4. There has been application for a well to be drilled about 150 feet from my mineral rights (nothing done yet - application was in late January). I read about unitization and want to know if I need to do anything to claim possible drainage. What I read was the commissioner makes a determination on a drainage factor if I’m due royalties. I talked with Sundance Oil and Gas and they said I’d be notified if I was included in royalties. Do I need to do anything.


The company that is doing the operating with the help of the NDIC put together the DU. If you own minerals within the 1 or 2 sections that they are pooling you will be notified by way of Division Order around 30 days from first Royalty payout.

Thanks for your answer. Appreciated

From what I saw on the GIS survey map you are in a 1280 spacing with two dots for confidential wells. There is already a verticle well in the NE 1/4 of the section and it was pretty good. Samson Resources is listed as the operator for the confidential wells.

Did you end up leasing?

Yes, through Sundance Oil and Gas for Samson Resources.