I own rights, but who can I trust?

My mother and rights and parties attempted to purchase. I advised their get a lawyer. Which she did and after some time they hammered out a deal. Suddenly they said she didn’t own the rights anymore.

But not so fast my uncle’s getting paid for his rights and that’s how she owns her right, thorough my deceased father.

Petroedge was the original people that had talked to her. Now it’s somebody else and the deals different.

I feel like they took money away from a little old lady. Is was just a little bit, but i would have helped in her last days.

Now that’s right to pass down to me.

And I could give a damm less about the money if I feel or find out they screwed her. I think I’d rather have a pound of Flesh. If they screwed her.

I’ve slowly been doing my research. I have the will and title pages and entitling us to the mineral rights.

I’m about to go and see what has been drawn from the land as far as any petrochemicals taken and taxes paid.

I think folks cut her out of the deal because she was being smart and had an attorney or in my words too difficult and not just a sucker willing to sign anything.

What would you do?

the real problem is is that I have no idea what the rights are worth.

I have a feeling it’s considerably more than I’m being offered.

And more off, if they did screw her what if anything could be done about it.

Anyone have any suggestions or advice?



What state? Have you checked the county Clerk records to see if you owns anything? You don't own minerals one day and not the next unless you sold them. Are you sure she didn't sell them and thought she was only leasing them? Something is wrong. What did her attorney say?