I own mineral rights in multiple sections in Creek county & Lincoln county

Any help and advice would be appreciated -

I own mineral rights in:

Creek County: sec 25-t14n-r7e, sec 11-t15n-r7e, sec 14-t15-r7e, sec 1-t16n-r7e, sec 2-t16n-r7e, sec 7-t14n-r8e, sec 16-t15n-r8e, sec 20-t15n-r8e, sec 30-t15n-r8e, sec 33-t15n-r8e, sec 15-t18n-r10e, sec 12-t14n-r7e, sec 18-t14n-r8e, sec 32-t15n-r8e

Lincoln County: sec 7-t16n-r4e, sec 35-t16n-r6e, sec 26-t14n-r3e

I was recently mailed an offer to purchase mineral rights in Lincoln. I had multiple lease offers on Lincoln & Creek County back in 2014 but refused all offers being I had no clue what I was doing and new to it all. I haven't had any activity on Creek County since 2014.

Like lots of other folks I didn't know I owned any mineral rights until I got the call from a Landman in 2014. I haven't had the time to do enough research to figure out and understand what I own.

Has anyone had any activity in any of these sections or can tell me what's the latest going on? I put everything on hold with my mineral interest over the last couple of years since the oil & gas market has been down.

Also is any of my mineral interest in or near the Cushing-Drumright field? Would that increase or decrease the value any? And what's the best route in finding a professional who can help me understand the value of what I own. Should I contact an Oil & Gas Attorney. I'm located in Texas, is it possible to find an Attorney who works with Texas and Oklahoma Oil & Gas or should I look for an Attorney near my mineral interest? Or is there a less expensive more efficient route to educating myself?

Any other thoughts and advice would be much appreciated.

Thank you, Blue

Blue, friend me with the icon at the upper left. I can help you get started self educating before you spend any money. There are free sites and some rules of thumb for estimating.

Hello M, thank you for your reply. I will friend you.


Do you still have any lease available in creek County?

Be interested in buying any of your stuff in Creek or Lincoln.