I never got paid for a lease

Hi Miss Barnes,

Back in Sept. 2017 my relative signed a lease contract for three years with Turner Oil and Gas Properties. I was never offered the same contract and thus was never paid the bonus and any royalties. Obviously, the contract is now expired but do I have any recourse in capturing any monies now?

Best regards, JG

What is the section township and range if in OK? I can look up the activity and see if anything actually happened past 2017.

If there was no contract, then no payment. Make sure that your name and address and description of your acreage are properly filed in the county where your minerals are located. If they can’t find you, they can’t lease you. It is possible that the land group was given a certain amount of money to spend, did as many leases as they could within that limit and then moved on to the next project. Given that COVID hit in 2019-present, the planned project may have never gotten off the ground or drilled and they never finished leasing or pooling.

If there was activity and final drilling, then that is a different pathway to follow.

Agree with Martha. If no well was ever drilled, the bonus payment only goes to those that sign a lease.

this is a cautionary tale to those parties who don’t want to sign a lease, but want to wait until a pooling. If a pooling never happens, then the mineral owner may have give up his opportunity to secure a lease bonus. Bird in hand vs. two in the bush.


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