I need some of your thoughts on this..... Fayette County TX

Actually, I just found this site and pressed on information I don't really understand. I leased (again not knowing my facts as I should have) to Scout Energy last year 65.58 acres more or less in Fayette County, Texas. The terms was 5 years all depths, 20% royalty on production. Today, I received a form letter from Hess Corporation providing written notice in favor of Scout Energy(the Lease) and assigned to ZaZa Energy the right, title interest and associated obligations as Lessee under the lease to Hess. Now, what does this mean to me? They said to email Eagle Ford Land which I did and requested a call but any ideas on what's could be going on. I am in Alabama. Could anyone shed some light on this for me? All thoughts would be appreciated.

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Thank you both so much.