I need some help, please

I've been away from the forum for a while seeing to my mother's care. Well, she passed away in August owning portions of several mineral rights. My question: can anyone here advise me on who to contact to get these transferred to my brother and me as specified in her will? I would sure appreciate any and all help you can provide. I live in Tennessee. Thanks!

After the Will has been probated, file a copy of the Application, Will, and order in the counties where the minerals are owned. That effectively puts them in the devises name. The executor of the will may also execute a distribution deed from the Estate.

You should probably discuss the particulars with a Family/Estate attorney. If you don't intend to probate the will. You'll need an Affidavit of heirship prepared, and the minerals will be distributed according to the laws of descent and distribution of Texas.

Thanks. I'm obviously new at this. After these steps have been taken, how would I go about letting people know that these are up for lease?

Once you record a deed in the county/s where they minerals lay, the companies will find you. Be sure all your contact information is on the deed including an e-mail address.


Only thing I can add, if you are interested in tracking what is happening in the parts of the counties where you have mineral interest, you can do some exploring on the Texas Railroad Commission's website. Here's a link to their online data


In the Map section select Anderson, or other counties you are interested in, and you can then search by the survey/abstract number to see the wells completed or permitted in your area.