I leased with SPC but letter from someone else?


I signed the lease. When I received my bonus check it Was written from SPC but the accompanying letter was from someone else? What does that mean? I can’t find it what’s happening? I’m in Carlsbad. No new permits yet.


Who is the letter from?


It was from schoeffler engery. Maybe they do they billing? I’m confused. :slightly_frowning_face:


I looked Schoeffer up and they are a land management company. Santo (SPC) is likely using them to help coordinate and obtain leases. Being such a large project, they likely needed more resources than an independent Landman in the area could give.

Here is their website: http://www1.segland.com/


I received a lease agreement from the same group. I was called along with my sister by the Landman working the mineral rights lease. What tract are you getting a lease for? Mine is Sect 25, T21S-R26E.

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