I inherited 1/3 of 70 acres in Atascosa County, with 100% of mineral rights. EOG wants to lease

Property is in Christine, on hwy 140, about 10 miles west of Sugarcane field. But property is still in estate, because of back taxes owed on a different estate property. So would like to know if the $1250 an acre bonus plus 25% royalties I negotiated is the going rate? Bigger issue is a pipeline EOG installed last year without negotiating with me (as 1 of 3 heirs) or my brother (the executor of the estate). They only negotiated with my sister. Neither my brother or myself knew nothing about any of this until we visited the property, saw the pipeline, and I contacted them. My brother nor I have signed an agreement regarding the pipeline. Does anyone know if this was legal for them, or my sister, to do? And could it be used to get a sweeter deal with the mineral lease?

It probably wasnt EOG that installed the Pipeline. As far as your bonus that sounds about right. The royalty they are offering is great, but I bet you can get them to pay $1,500/ acre if you request it. I just dont see how a pipleline was installed on your property if you own the property. Unless, you just own the minerals. The surface owner is the only one that benefits from a pipeline agreement. Hope this helps.

It was definitely EOG who installed the pipeline. They are currently trying to pay me (a very paltry sum, considering) and sign the contract that I had No part in, and no foreknowledge of. It just seems so Not Right!. If that acceptable practice, then anyone could sell anyone else’s property, right? Just wish I knew what to do about it. And how to use it to my advantage. So any new ideas or thoughts would be appreciated. Thanks much for your input on the mineral lease. Very helpful indeed!