I have been paying taxes on...nothing?


I am hoping you all might be able to help me. I have a lease with Antero and receiving monthly royalty payments from them. I have also been paying hefty tax bills to both Tyler and Dodridge counties. I thought they were for the royalties from Antero. But I just looked and the Antero royalties are only for Dodridge. There is no mention of Tyler. And the Tyler taxes are WAY more. So I have paid taxes to Tyler the last three years and received NOTHING. Where is that money going? How can I find out? I am clueless about this and don’t even know where to start looking? Please help? Any insight would be GREATLY appreciated. Thank you in advance! Camille

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Look at the tax ticket. What does it say on the description?

Oh my goodness. I sure can relate a bit towards this. I currently pay taxes to Tyler county and I am from Ohio. Someone suggested next time in my lease agreement #1 part of the agreement is to ask for whatever company you lease with to agree they pay the taxes…I cannot say this will work. It ws suggested to me. #2. My tax statement comes directly from the Tyler County Sheriff’s office. THAT is who you should start with. They have clerks there who will help you. I’ve called and also wrote letters and for the most part they have responded. You may have to keep trying at first…they are not always friendly. You should NOT be paying tax on ANYTHING you are not getting royalties is my thought/experience. Antero should ALSO have PEOPLE at at the office you deal with who SHOULD be providing those answers. Try that and see. Good luck. I mainly deal with Jay-Bee and they are really good with customer service.

Even if there is no royalty being paid, there will be taxes on the mineral tract. The taxes should not be a lot if the state reports no production to the county. Thats why you need to find out what that tax ticket is for. They do make mistakes for sure.

You should call the Assessors office at 3047584781 Ext. 1. They will help you.

Its possible Antero has a production unit that crosses the county line into Tyler. The tax office and Antero should be able to answer such a question.

Camille, I would highly suggest contacting the WV State Tax office. They determine the basis for the counties. It is especially helpful when you have multiple counties taxing you. Ask for the ad valorem department for oil & gas. https://tax.wv.gov/Business/PropertyTax/Pages/PropertyTax.aspx

Hope this helps! Let me know if you have any more questions.


In 2009 my Mom deeded me her interest in 6 different oil/mineral interests in both Tyler & Wetzel County West Virginia. Originally the checks came from East Resouces, in 2011 the came from HG Energy LLC and ERGON. In the last couple years the checks have come from Tribune Resources LLC (although correspondence are from Quorum). The annual check is now less than the taxes. When I have reached out to Tribune they claim the titles are not clear and they will not pay out until I clear them. I do not know where to begin. Prior to 2009 my Mom received her royalty checks like clock work. She had inherited them from her Father (my Grandfather) via a deed. She then deeded them to me in the same manner. For many years my Grandfather received his checks like clockwork as well. So after over 20 some years… they are now saying there is an issue with ‘title’. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to clear this up. Thank you in advance for contacting me. I should also note I have paid all the taxes and receive the 1099 forms. The tax statements do show my name as c/o and either my Moms name, Grandfathers name and a Great Grandfathers name on 5 of the tax bills (ALL of whom are deceased) Only one tax bill has just my name on it. As I had said…for 18 years it had not been an issue and now with Tribune Resources it has become an issue. Thank you so much, Joni Golden

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unfortunately, oil and gas operators are doing anything and everything they can to lower their royalty burden as the negative profits are growing larger and larger and funding for the operators has dried up…there are also many many LARGE deductions taking place, 50%, 70% even 90% of the monthly check is going to ‘deductions’.

State of Kansas just passed a new law, which would be amazing if WV, OH, and PA followed suit…I will post it tomorrow, basically states that ‘enhancement’ or ‘post production costs’ to market are not valid until the gas has reached in interstate pipeline. This will limit the amount of deductions that can be taken, albeit, in the State of Kansas…which doesn’t help WV, … YET…

and yes, making up ‘title issues’ is a ‘new’ strategy to not pay royalties…

dial up your local oil and gas attorney or take them on yourself…GOOD LUCK to You J!

I will leave you with, ‘It ain’t right’ what they are doing.

And one more, have heard about enhancement deductions that are higher than the enhanced price… ie, say they charge you an extra 20c / mcf, but the price benefit to you is only 4c / mcf…hence the royalty owner is losing 14c / mcf on that…again…‘It Ain’t Right’…

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