I have a question about the confidential list in Colorado

A major Oil and Gas Company drilled into our mineral interest (spud date is 23 Jan 2012) and they have moved the date when production numbers would have been published. Up until recently the Well in question was to come of the confidential list on 5 Aug 2012. I now see that it will be well into Oct, actually 24 Oct 2012, before the completion data is released.

Is this something to be concerned about? Is it an accepted practice to move these dates around?


Bob, is there a reason why you chose not to tell us your legals. No one ever does like it's a secret but it would be easier to help and it's not secret. I know I wish I had some of that in 2-7N-64W, those 2 80 acre spaced wells are paying off great for someone, I didn't look but hopefully yours are in one of those 2 wells spacing.

The well is in Sec 6, T8N, R64W. We also have minerals in Sec 2, T7N, R64W. Both wells drilled by a company without telling us, we have retained legal counsel...yes they are good producers.


The Oil Creek? They went into the Niobrara and I have a feeling it's not a good well. They normally move the date around because they are still working on it.

Thanks MJ, I think it is Owl Creek. I hope your suggestion is wrong, but we will see sez the blind man...


It takes forever to get in touch with the right person but I'd call and ask if you want, they've been pretty helpful for me just this week. If you own many acres I can give you one man's name, I just spoke with him this week. I'd just hold off though unless you have a large stake in it.

I sent a message, waiting for a reply, no hurry tho. Thanks,


When you say drilled without telling us I assume you do not have a lease. Is this correct?

We don't have the executive rights. We have a significant mineral interest however. No they did not say a word about drilling even tho there was sufficient information available in the recorders office as to who had a mineral interest. The plat map submitted to the COGCC even showed our prior well location, about 160+ feet from where they "spud" their Well. The question I had regarding the confidential list has been answered by the COGCC.


Mineral Joe, ya got a few minutes to help calculate royalties for those two 80 acre space wells? This is not the normal way, ie; by division order, but by a % contained in a Determination of Heirship thru the Courts. Off line I am on rltofson@verizon.net



Just back from vacation and read your question, sent you an email.