I had 40 acres of royalty and now they say 20 acres NPRI?


Do I need a Lawyer??? I signed a lease several years ago. Now the company is saying that I have NPRI and only receive 20 acres instead of 40 net mineral acres. Is this normal??? Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks, GWIN


It is very possible that your lease says 40 acres on it, but that is a gross amount of the parcel. You may have an undivided interest in half of it. The lease rarely has the correct number of net acres on it. The deed has the correct number of net acres. Or you might have a probate that lists the correct amount.

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Martha is correct, But is may be good to run this down. A landman is typically less expensive than an attorney (though we all love the work). If the landnman shows greater than 20 & the company doesn’t adjust, then hire an attorney.


interesting that you leased but they claim its NPRI. Check your title documents to verify what you own.


Actually, there is a lot more involved. For instance if you have a quit claim deed, it only conveys that person’s interest even if it recites that it is within 40 acres. Most deeds are not be specific as to the net mineral acres.

An examination of the title, not just one deed, is necessary to determine actual interests owned.


And that is why I said check title documents instead of check deed. :smiley: Im a Landman in Payne County if I can help out more.

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It could be that G_Win’s lease is “burdened” with an NPRI. Someone in the past conveyed an NPRI to other people. That would halve his initial net mineral acres, (as far as royalties go) People with NPRI can’t sign leases so G_Win him/herself doesn’t have a NPRI, the lease does. I went through this recently. I collect half the royalties I expected because my grandfather, long ago, conveyed NPRI to other relatives.