I don't know what I'm doing

My decimal changes, my owner # changes, the oil company's changes, paperwork( theirs) holding money in suspence, not properly possessed, filing in a state no ones lived in, oil company not telling us there is money's elsewhere, paying taxes on money being in suspense, it's all wrong wrong wrong. And it's not me.... IDK what to do. No money for a lawyer.i receive a 25 $ check, a month. Was more sometimes is, but whatever. I can't get it straight even my other siblings appraisals are more than our equally divided share.

not certain what you're asking.

Your decimal can change for many reasons… the spacing of the well/unit changes, title corrections, paying you on a tract level versus a unit level. Your owner number will change if there is a new operator (oil company) or purchaser/payor change. Your owner number is a unique identifier and if the company responsible for paying you changes, then your owner number will, too. An Operator/Payor has the right to suspend your interest for many reasons (although if you are receiving small checks it doesn’t sound like you are suspended). Some of the more common reasons for suspending an owner is for an unknown address, unsigned division order, unsatisfied title requirements or death of the owner. It is your responsibility to make sure that you have clear title, understand your decimal, sign and return paperwork and update your address when you move. Call and ask them if there is anything they need from you. Paying taxes… I’m not sure if you’re referring to severance taxes or property taxes. States require that operators withhold and pay severance taxes on behalf of the royalty owners… it’s the law, unavoidable. If you’re referring to back withholding income taxes, that is also a federal law from the IRS when an owner does not provide their SSN. A percentage of your income goes directly to the IRS and can be recovered with your tax refund if too much was withheld. The oil company does not determine the amount withheld, the IRS does. If you’re meaning property taxes… well, many leases provide language in the lease that allows the oil company to pay your delinquent property taxes and withhold the amount from your royalty payments… They have a stake in the property and do this to protect their interest and avoid your property from being seized and foreclosed. If you’re paying your taxes on time, this should not be an issue. If you’re not paying your taxes, consider yourself lucky to have someone protecting your assets. “Not filing in a state anyone lives in”… Title to property (leases, deeds, etc) is filed in the county and state where the PROPERTY is located, not where the owner resides. The exception to this rule is when suspended funds are escheated (sent to the state for safe keeping until an owner claims it)… The rules for escheat require that unclaimed property (funds) be sent to the state of the owner’s last known address. If the address was not known, then they are sent to the state that the company is incorporated in. I hope this helps you.