I cut the per rod price for a pipeline row on purpose!

To cut the price on purpose sounds counter-intuitive. But hear me out.

A pipeline company contacts my client to cross their property, approximately 550', or 33 1/3 rods.

I asked to see a plat of their route. It was only 3.5 miles.

My client retained a strip of land, as a right of way corridor, from the chemical plants all the way to the river, many years ago - and sold the rest of their surface.

Going rate for rights of way in my area are around $1100 per rod. The last row on this property was laid 4 years ago and we charged $675 per rod.

So I talked to the pipeline company and told them that if they re-routed the line and put it on us as much as possible, we would make it worth their while.

So they re-routed. I reduced the going rate in half and ended up with 6850' or 415.15 rods.

I will leave it to you to do the math, but it is about $200k to the good. And, in my case, my fee is always absorbed by the pipeline company.

The moral of this story is to do what everybody always says to do. Get as much information as possible and look for opportunities to increase your stake.


Buddy Cotten