Hughes county

13 1 twp 6 north 11 east 3.75 acres how much is it worth operated by vanguard nat resources

Complicated questions: It is worth the value of the production left in the current well and any future value of future wells in the section. If you want an accurate assessment, a licensed petroleum engineer can work up the well for you and you could ask for the perceived value of any future wells. If you want a ball park sales number, you could ask what other folks have been offered in the area.

M Barnes, Oh, your knowledge, i.e., wish I knew what you know. How does one get in touch with subject engineer to assess value of remaining hydrocarbons , and future value of the four new wells. I thank you kindly M Barnes…Leta C.

There are quite a few engineers in OKC and in various counties in OK. Private Message me if you need the name of the one we use. The value is highly dependent upon price of gas and/oil. So if you had oil wells, they were worth a whole lot more at $70 than at $50. Future wells will be governed by their prices when they come online. Price cycles happen often, so don’t take the evaluations as set in stone. They are only a guide. The evaluations essentially give you a predicted volume of oil or gas and then the value will depend upon prices.

M_Barnes, do you have the names of any who work in New Mexico or Texas?

No, but my engineer in OKC works many states. Most of them do. You could post on the counties where you have minerals on the forum and see if you can get some recommendations.

What kind of IPs have been of recently drilled long laterals in 9N-10E

Calyx Energy Meadors 36-1HX Miss 30 BBLs oil and 1059 MCF gas Jan 8, 2018

Calyx Energy Meadors 25-2H Miss 37 BBLs oil and 1614 MCF gas Jan 8, 2018 Dec 27, 2016

Take these with a grain of salt. They are only a 24 hours test right after completion, so have a lot of frac water in them and have not cleaned up yet.

For M Barnes: Why is it that the company Operators will ‘not’ give out the ‘DEPTH’ of their findings of hydrocarbons. And more specifically, should I have insisted that depth findings be part of the EXHIBIT A when I originally signed my lease? I thank you kindly. Leta C.

They actually do have to say where they plan to drill to and what reservoir they are targeting. It is in the pooling records and also in the permit for the well. The permit can be found on the OCC well records site under the surface location section. Test You can also find the perforations on the completion report which will also be posted on the well records site about four-six months after completion. The OK tax site also has the reservoir, but not the footage in its report. Gross Production No need to have it in the lease. They actually don’t know exactly what footage they will hit until they drill the well. They know within a few feet, but not exactly.

Hello. I reached out a while back. You have so much knowledge I. This area. The letters are starting to come in on our lease. 8-9N10E Hughes county. Can you help with any info? Please and thank you.


Calyx Energy just filed for Increased Density for additional wells in 8 & 17. Seems like lots of sales offers go out right after those are filed (in hopes that folks won’t pay attention or not know about the new wells.) You should have had mail for four-five cases back in November. Pooling was supposed to be Dec 10, but I don’t see orders yet.

We signed a lease several months ago. I’m just having trouble finding info. Any wells active? how many total wells and such? We got the orders the other day. I couldn’t tell if it was for the 1 well or adding additional wells. I’m sure it is to early to tell. Just trying to get info. Is it 1 well they are trying to go deeper on? Name.

They are not supposed to start drilling until all the orders are finalized. Looks like the “Rocket” pad will be in the southern central part of 17. You can track the wells on the site I already posted. They do not have permits yet. Appear to be two new horizontal wells from the cases files. You can see them on the exhibit maps.

Anyway I finally received a Division order from Vanguard. Jeremy Beddo was kind enough to respond a week ago but now I cant find his email adress. He said he would calculate the royalty. Vanguard is saying the interest is only 300 dollars. Now I dont know if thats per each heir( me my brother and sister) and mother or divided half to my mom and the other half split three ways among us. If anyone can help.much appreciated.

I also dont know how often the payments are made.

Most division orders have a $100 minimum limits, but you can choose to change it to $25 to get checks more regularly.

NEW QUESTION for M BARNES: Per your direction M Barnes, I have checked the “Test” OCC site with 1002A and have ‘NOT’ found any COMPLETION REPORT for S21/07N/10E Hughes County Ok. Those 4 new DENSITY WELLS for DORA (WELL NAME) have shown Zero data when I click the search button. Am I doing something wrong? Those 4 new DENSITY wells were SPUD in Aug & Sept 2018. Please help me find out if Trinity (Operator) has completed. Thank you M Barnes…Leta C

Way too soon to have completion reports posted at the OCC. It takes about four months to drill and another four-five months to post a report. They are way behind. However, there is another way to find out if the well is completed and on sales. That is to go to the OK Tax site and look up the wells there. They are usually posted by the deepest portion of the well-go figure… Anyway, that site is If you go to 28 07N 10E in the legal location boxes, you will see that the DORA 4-21-18H had first sales on 12/22/18. They are also behind on posting the actual production, but that gives you an idea that the Division Orders will come out in late May or June.

DORA 5-21-28H had first sales on 12/22/18, so same for it.

DORA 2 & 3 were spud about a month later, so their data will probably be posted about a month later.

M Barnes, As always, your responses are timely and substantive. When I read your response, I immediately relaxed by finding out reasonable time frames, i.e., “COMPLETION REPORTS.” Also delighted to learn of ‘first sales’ in 12/22/18 for DORA 4 and 5. To this Novice, I Leta, that tells me there is ‘NO’ dry hole and there are Hydrocarbons…so exciting to me. I can now look forward to a real world ‘Completion Report’ of Dora’s volume. Any Royalties forthcoming from DORA --plus is mighty attractive. Thank you for all your knowledge being shared on this Forum…Leta Carter, MONTANA.