Hughes County, Section 28-8N-10E

This is my first post to this site, and I’m hoping you may be able to give me advice as to where I should begin on this journey. My husband inherited 40 acres of land in Hughes County from his grandmother, and we are interested in leasing. The legal description is: SW ¼ NW ¼ of Section 28-8N-10E. I would like to know if there is any leasing activity in this area, and whether it is worth pursuing. Thank you in advance for any advice you might have for me!

Hello Shauna, Minerals are ‘NOT’ exact, however, close enough to make a response. Mine are S21/07N/10E Hughes County, OK. Leased IN 2014 for $1100.00 bucks pnm acre. DORA (well name still producing with small Royalties/month. Four additional DORA wells are being drilled for “increased density.” This should “sweeten the pot”----so to speak, on $$$ return. Dora 4 & 5 have had first sales Dec. 2018, according to research by M Barnes----Forum Geologist, who helps all of the NOVICES on this journey. I am awaiting my D.O. (Division Order) so that I may receive additional Royalties on Dora 2, 3 4 & 5. My offers of late only want to purchase my minerals. Drillers seem to have lost interest in Leasing—only want to buy outright. All offers to purchase have been declined. My minerals are NEVER for sale----only lease. Hope this info helps…Leta C. MONTANA (BIG SKY AND GRIZZLY BEAR COUNTRY.)

There is quite a bit of horizontal activity immediately to your east in section 27 & 34. If your husband just inherited, make sure that his name and address and description of acreage are properly filed in the Hughes County courthouse so any Landmen can find him. The probate may have to be filed there as well (or a copy). Richard Winblad on the forum can tell you the proper process. They have to know he exists before they can find him to lease.

Thank you so much, Leta, for taking the time to respond. I appreciate hearing about your personal experience. It’s incredibly helpful as even the language of oil and gas is new to me. Quite overwhelming!

Oh, that is very helpful, M Barnes. But maybe it’s just a matter of updating our contact information, since my husband has been the owner of record since his grandmother passed away in 1981. He has only been to check on it a couple times as we have to speak to our neighbor in order to cross his land to get to ours. While it is totally undeveloped, it is precious to my husband as it was a gift from his grandmother, so he would never be interested in selling. Do you believe, as Leta stated, that drillers have lost interest in leasing? And do you think the fact that my husband’s land will require an easement might decrease interest in leasing?

The leasing will come when the interest comes and the easement is probably not a problem. With the horizontal wells going two miles, they can have a surface pad nearby and drill underneath. What a precious gift! That is how we view our lands as well. As long as his name is properly filed in the county, they can find him when they are interested. Lots of leasing in 27 & 34 recently, so hopefully, they will move west to his someday.

Thank you, M Barnes! This is just the amount of information I needed to get started. How amazing that horizontal wells can be drilled from 2 miles away. I will seek out Richard Winblad, as well.

I finally received my long awaited D.O (Division Order), and now in receipt of Royalty monies for Dora 4 & 5. plus the 12% interest that Trinity owed me beyond the 6 month Ok. law requirement for late pay. It was so very nice to get the "bucks $$$) as it put a big dent in my forthcoming personal property tax for this Nov. Now, If Trinity will just get busy and complete the drilling on DORA 2 & 3. (Trinity was granted by OCC an extension of time) with the understanding that Dora 2 & 3 ‘WILL’ be drilled over one years time. Any hydrocarbons produced will just "sweeten the pot " --------so too speak for additional Royalties…Leta C. MONTANA (Big Sky and Grizzly Bear Country).

I doubt that Trinity will drill more wells in that unit. The current wells will more than likely drain the NAT gas that is there. No need to put another straw in the same coke, especially at these commodity prices.

Well Todd, “one more straw in that coke” is a convincing metaphor for plausible outcome. I like simple truth, and you have made it very clear. Thank you…Leta C. MONTANA (Big Sky and Grizzly Bear Country).