Hughes County - S6, T7N, 10E

Any activity happening in this Section? I am looking to Lease. Thank you guys in advance.

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If your name, contact information and title information are properly filed in the Hughes County courthouse, then any landmen will be able to find you. The last leasing nearby was in 2019, but none in your section.

What’s the best way to file such information? That’s been on my to-do list for a long time.

When I filed it last time, the county had a particular way they wanted it done. What size paper, margins, box so big for the official stamp, etc. Call the county courthouse and ask for the minerals area and ask them if they have a template. Many courthouses are still not open, not sure about Hughes. Small fees. So much for the first page and a small amount for additional pages.

Thank you for your time and expertise!


So you’re talking about an actual filed document, rather than some sort of notification to the clerk’s office? That hadn’t even occurred to me. I thought there might be a special notification procedure. Do they then file this with each township’s land records?



Section 6 does not have any recent (last 2 years) OCC regulatory applications filed for development. The Eastern half of 7N-10E has quite a bit of natural gas horizontal wells. One section to your west, in 7N-9E, there is a horizontal natural gas well that was spud in 2017, Corterra Energy has filed for a multi-unit Hunton well as of January 2020. But as Martha previously stated, in your section particular this is nothing recent.

It is a filed document with a stamp and it is also a notification. Some people file with the probate document attached and some file with an affidavit of heirship. You have a to have a legitimate claim to the title.


Sorry, I think we’re talking at cross-purposes. All our properties are filed in the respective counties for ownership purposes. But those filings don’t (necessarily) contain current or even any contact information that would help a landman contact us now. That’s what I was asking about. Apology if I misunderstood the subject that was already under discussion.

Got it. I was just mentioning that the mineral owners are responsible for keeping addresses current at the courthouse so they can be found by the landmen. You can reference your previous title information filed in book xxx page yyy. For folks that have never filed because they just inherited or bought, they need to include the title info with their names and addresses.

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