Hughes county Oklahoma

I have an interest in section 30 9 N 9E and section 267N8E, in Hughes county. Received several buy out offers befor signing a 3 yr lease which will expire in June 2020. Now receiving offers of 3000.00 pnm acres to buy. I would like to sell but unsure of a good offer . I haven’t received any thing regarding well production or activity on this land. Will I be to sell after 2020 and the lease is up?

For 30-9N-9E, Calyx Energy has quite a bit of activity in the township in 2018 and 2019. They have filed quite a few OCC cases to drill wells. Not unusual to have offers to buy when increased density cases are filed in nearby sections.

For 27-7N-8E, Silver Creek is the predominant operator in this township. They did a lot of leasing in 2017, so they had better get a well drilled or they will lose the leases.

In my experience, if someone offers to buy my minerals, they have an agenda which is not necessarily mine. They will also make money off of me. The question would be how much would I be comfortable with. If you need to sell, then get at least three bids as the first ones are usually lowball, just to spark interest. Never hand over a deed without getting a check in return.