Hughes County, OK Section 2 W/2 SE/4 - Sell?

I own 80nma in Hughes County, OK - Section 2. I’ve been offered $850 per nma to buy my rights (not lease). Has anybody else been contacted to sell their rights? Can anybody confirm this is a good price? Thanks!

Moved this over to Hughes County for you. Welcome to the forum. Just in general, I have found almost all sales offers for my minerals to be lowball, teaser offers just to see if I will bite. Or they will offer high and then find some reason to back down.
Any time I get an offer to buy, it means someone know something that I do not know and they fully intend to make money off of me. Makes me pay attention and ask a lot of questions to find out what is going on. Good for you for doing the same thing.

You need to give the complete section, township and range to get a more complete answer. There are many section 2s.

Thank you for the assistance - yes, I feel someone would like to make money off of my unawareness. But that’s business!

Rights are located at W/2 SE/4 Section 2 Township 9 North Range 12 East.

There are quite a few wells pending in that township with some increased density hearings filed, so I think that is why you are getting offers. Personally, I think the $850 is too low. Do you have a 1/8th royalty or 3/16ths? It makes a difference. I base that on nearby poolings going for $400 3/16ths. Offer seems too low. If you have no burning need to sell, then I would hold on and see what develops. If you do have a great need, then you definitely want more bidders in the loop and potentially a much higher offer.

How would I find out if I have 1/8 or 3/16 royalties?

No producing wells in your section, so you don’t have to worry about the royalty amount. None at this point.

I got another offer for $1500 per nma. This is to buy the rights outright - not lease.

Any thoughts? Is there a good average price for this county I should be looking for when selling the rights?

I do not buy nor sell, so can’t really comment on the actual amount. The value is dependent upon the geology and whether the product is mostly gas or mostly oil so it will vary across the county.