Hughes county minerals

Anything going on around 30 9N 9E, or 26 7N 8E? New to this minerals forum. Went by the land and saw alot of equipment.

30 9N 9E Drilling in Section 11 by Calyx. Horizontals north into 2 &3 and south into 26 & 27. 26-7N-8E Silver Creek is drilling in 25 & 36, 25& 34, 12- horizontals

Im not very familiar yet with this site. Do you know if there is any activity or leasing in Hughes Co. Section 30/4N/9E

There was some scattered leasing in 30-2N-9E in 2017 and 2018 by a few companies. The current regulatory cases are focused in 3, 10 and 15. Recent well permits were in 35, 34, and 15. Late 2018 had some new permits in 30 with Bills 1-29/32H Bills 1-30/31H Bills 1-30W and Bills 1-30E. The Bills 1-3031H had first sales 01/10/3019.

This is crazy but Im just now seeing your reply M. Barnes. Until now I couldn’t get back onto this site for some reason. Thank you for the information. We have recently been offered $1500 mna to sell in the section described above. Do you think this is reasonable at this time? Thank you so much for any feed back. We are totally uneducated to all the terms and lingo of all this. Thank God for people like you who can help.

Since your first question back in January, Corterra Energy has gotten pretty busy in the township. They have permits for multiple wells in section 15 and 10, and 34 (going south into 3N-9E 3 & 10).

There have been several leases in your section. Personally, any time someone wants to buy from me, I figure that they have inside knowledge that I don’t have and they are pretty sure they will make a profit off of me. I choose to hang on. It depends upon what your strategy is. We have had minerals for 100 years and that strategy has paid off.

If you are new at this, do not let anyone rush you. If you sell, you usually have to pay capital gains tax and you lose the potential revenue from royalties forever. That is what they are buying. If you keep, you may have drilling in the future (or not) and you have potential royalties down the line. You do have to pay state and federal tax on royalties as is normal. If you have one acre, your answer might be different than if you have 20 acres. Gas prices are down now, but in the long run, they may go up (or not).

Now is a good time to learn about the business. Read everything on the Hughes forum. Read the Mineral Help tab above. Ask tons of questions.

Diann, my rule of thumb is thes: If someone wants to buy my mineral rights, then selling them is probably in THEIR best interests, not in mine.

Thank you so much for your help.

thank you for your input.