Hughes County activity check?

Hello just checking to see if anyone know if any activity is being done around these locations. My wife received these mineral rights not long ago but we have no idea where to even start. I have the info I have below any help would help thank you in advance. I’m sure there nothing but the family just wanted to check not spam just checking each county they have mineral rights in

Hughes County

E/2 SE/4 & E/2 NE/4 of Section 29, Township 5 North, Range 10 East. 1.75 Acres

Silver Creek just filed for a horizontal exception for variance, so that is pending.

@M_Barnes what does that mean like they are pending drilling ?

It means that the operator has filed a document with the Oklahoma Corporation Commission with an intent to drill and produce. They have to rule on it first.

Ok so in this case just wait and see what the out come is ? If so how would i find out when that is happening?

@M_Barnes is there a proper way for me to look it up ? Sorry for the bother.

The case number is 201809794. You can find it on the OCC OAP website.OAP

Put the number in the case docket box. Also, you need to contact the attorney listed on the case and give them your wife’s name and address so she gets on the mailing list for any future cases. The trust officer should have filed it in the county, so you may to do that there as well.

Now when filing that woth the county she has to go in person.

No, you can call the county clerk for oil and gas minerals and find out what format they want it in and it can be done by certified mail. Costs a certain amount for one page and a small amount for additional pages if needed.

@M_Barnes sounds great. So would she xo.this in all the counties they own as a fist step?

She will probably have to have a copy of the completed probate or trust documents to file with the paperwork, so contact the trust officer or attorney first. They should help you get them all filed.

Court Record If it is a probate order it must be a certified copy which can be obtained from the court clerk for a small fee. Call and they can tell you. Filing Certified Copies Once you have the certified copy, it can be filed of record the fee is $13 for the first page and $2 for each additional page. If you can search 64 counties with one name (unusual names like Zavala or Winblad are easier to search).

Any activity in section 30/4N/9E of Hughes Co. Any information would be appreciated.

@M_Barnes wheree can i find the case numbers to the lots to plug in into the website like u showed me ?

You can look up case numbers on the OCC OAP docket website. But it is fairly difficult for anyone with a MAC. The software is very old. They do have a link on the OCC website, but I have not found it very helpful since I have a MAC. I use a subscription service.