Hughes Co. Sec. 20 and 21 Land and Mineral Owner

Our royalty on this property was previously leased to Continental Oil Resources. After the lease expired, Jack Fork (leasing agent for Continental) contacted us to re-lease and promised us the lease would be EXACTLY THE SAME as our original lease with them. We felt it was fair so we didn't try to negotiate and agreed . However, when the agent came to pick up our signed/notarized contracts, they had added an " Exhibit A". This addendum actually changed the terms in the original contract so we refused to sign it. That, coupled with the lawsuit against Continental for allegedly failing to make timely payments to royalty owners, made us have questions about their business practices.

We own 140 acres with 50 % royalty in sections 20 and 21 in Hughes Co. Is anyone aware of another oil co. that is leasing in Hughes co.?

call me as I am short of time but have a list of four now drilling I Hughs

I need your phone #. I would love to speak with you. Thank you for contacting me.

608 934 5418