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Hi! My husband recently inherited mineral rights in Canadian County Oklahoma. Does anyone have a phone number for HPH Energy, LLC? I’ve been scouring the internet and can’t find any contact information.

Look them up on Bizapedia. There are two companies with a similar name. Looks like there is a current one founded in 2017. The other one was dissolved.

If you give a legal description where HPH operates & maybe someone can help.

Thank you all. I believe I’m looking for the one that was dissolved. My husband inherited land and mineral rights in Canadian county Oklahoma and I’m trying to help him figure out whether to sell or keep. Not knowing anything about either land or mineral rights hasn’t made this process easy. My father in law who passed away had an old offer from HPH from 2017 for the mineral rights so I thought contacting them was a good start.

If you post the section, township and range, then the forum can tell you if there is activity on the acreage. Do not sell until you understand what you have, the current activity and the possible future potential. Many companies have gone under in the last few years, so the current operators in the area will be more relevant.

Welcome to what may still be called the Wild West. Most offers from these companies are just trying to “pick-up” at low prices Mineral Rights that they can flip or lease for profits. Be very careful with any purchase offers. In fact it will be extremely difficult to find a “fair” purchase offer ( my opinion ). The best option “I” believe is make sure your deed is recorded in your name address and telephone number with the County Clerk and wait for lease offers from legit companies. However, if you “need” money you may be forced into selling ( waiting -almost always - is best - and remember their first offer is never the best one ( usually) )…

Hopefully your new mineral rights will profit you and your heirs — and please do not sign anything without advise!!!

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