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We signed our mineral lease agreement early this year. It appears that our mineral rights were a part of an active horizontal well that started producing late last year. Are we able to recover $ for the period of time they were producing oil/gas prior to when we signed the lease? Thanks in advance for any help!

Yes, sounds like their due diligence wasn’t complete or your interest was one that fell thru the cracks. Your monies are probably being held in suspense.

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I have some interests in Howard County, Texas. I paid my taxes last year online through “Official Payments Corporation”, which is the vendor Howard Co. uses for online payments… I think.
Early April this year, I noticed a 6.00 fine and a 1.25 service fee on that fine from “Howard County”. Yikes! Did I forget to pay my taxes? No, I checked with Howard County, no balance since I paid last November. All paid up. So I call this OPC, they tell me they have no way to track it, they don’t store my CC number, I need to talk to Howard County, etc. I grew up in Texas, I know BS when I hear it. I realize 7.25 isn’t much money, but do this to enough people and it’s some money.
I for one am getting a new CC tomorrow, and mailing in a check from here on out. Y’all might want to check your statements if you pay online.


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Sounds like BS ( A company that doesn’t store data about when, and how your taxes are paid is suspect) I pay all my own taxes and provide an addressed stamped envelope for a receipt in counties that do not send receipts unless requested.

Regarding your reply to Karen, I received a letter requesting the sale of my mineral rights. Mine is also in Block 32, Township 2N Sections 11, 12 and 14, T&P RR Co. I don’s have the survey number though and I’m having trouble finding the exact area. I’d appreciate any help you can provide. Thanks.Max

Sabalo has drilled two wells running south to north across section 12. The Pacer Burton #4AH Unit and the Vince Everett#1AH Unit. Don’t think they have been completed yet, but should be good wells. My information is that they plan on drilling 8 wells on each unit, 4 in Sprayberry and 4 Wolfcamp. You should be a very lucky person. One-half of each unit will be composed of acreage in Section 12. Also, it looks like Sabalo has drilled and completed well(s) on the east side of section 14, the Priscilla 23-14.

Thanks David

Thank you for the information. This is so confusing to me. Max

We’re talking big money, depending on your interest. Certainly worth hiring a professional if your concerned, and need help… For example the Priscilla was completed at around 1500 bbl., of oil a day. That’s 1500 times $56.00 a bbl. a day. Of course these wells will probably decline rather rapidly. Don’t worry about being confused. Your learning.


How do I find out what company/companies are drilling on my family’s property? It’s shown above in an earlier post. Thanks for the help.

It’s important that you find out what you own, and where your interest is located in each section. Do you have any records indicating your ownership? I’m not an attorney or professional that does this for a living, but have experience purchasing, and leasing interest in various areas for sometime. I will try to help you if you like.

Thanks David

All I have is the information I’ve listed above. I believe I’m a 1/6th owner of the property inherited from my paternal grandfather. Please don’t go out of your way. Hopefully I’ll receive more information from the initial contact.

Max, have you looked on the integrated map on the Texas Railroad Commission website? Put in Howard County at the top and zoom in about 2 clicks and see if you see your site. If so, and there are green dots…those are active oil wells. Click on the green dot and it should tell you who is drilling. I am new to this too. It is very very confusing and hard to figure out. Hang in there and do not sell your rights!!

Please post that link. can’t find anything almost every time I go to the RRC site. thanks in advance!

Max, if I am reading the map correctly (and like I said it is new to me too), then there are 4 pumping wells on section 11 by Wagner Oil Company. Section 12 has been permitted but no pumping. Section 14 has 4 by Wagner Oil Company. If you have not received any royalties…call Wagner and ask if there is money in “suspense” under your grandfather’s name. If they do, hire an oil and gas attorney. Pull together any and all paperwork to prove your heirship. In Texas, mineral rights have to be willed to a specific person…if not then all possible heirs will split the royalties. Clear as mud, right??

very excellent… thank you very much. jh

Thank you so much! Appreciate the help!

Thank you, Judy! Appreciate your input.

Mr. DuBose, I’m sort of new to this forum. Can I ask general questions about leasing property in Howard County? Our family has some leased acreage expiring in august… never drilled… in and around Moss Creek Ranch… just a few miles from Big Spring… west-southwest of town. We have a pretty good lease now… but never got the huge lease bonuses I keep reading about… but never confirmed. we were hoping the minerals would be produced rather than bargaining for the big lease bonus. But obviously that hasn’t worked. Thanks for any help you or the forum can offer.