Howard County TX Activity

Hi there,

I am brand new to this site. I have mineral acreage in Howard County, TX. Tract 1, Block 32, Township T-2-N, Section 4, NE/4, T&P Ry Co - Survey. Just wondering if there has been activity in this area.

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Steve, There has been a lot of activity in Howard county. I will take a look at your specific tract. Are you trying to lease these minerals or check on activity associated with a lease you already have? Thanks Jimmy

Hi Jimmy,

I inherited 5 acres of mineral rights from my grandfather and really don't know much else. Thank you~



If you want to know about drilling permits, try the Texas RRC W1 Search page, here:

choose Howard county, then near the bottom choose the date range for approved permits, then click the submit button. That will give you all the approved permits for the date range you selected for Howard county.

Hello, Steve Poe. Open this link

and click on the magnifying glass icon at the top middle of the opened page and choose "surveys"from the drop down box.

Then click on the "select a county" box and choose "Howard"

then enter "1721" in the Abstract box and click "query" and the viewer will generate a map with the northeast corner of a section blue highlighted where I believe your minerals are located. Use the zoom bar at the left of the map to zoom out a bit and you will see lots of horizontal activity to your west.

Thank you very much.

You are welcome. If you click "identify" and choose "wells" and then use your mouse cursor to click on wells on the map, a pop up information box will be generated for newer wells, incl. drilling permits, monthly production, etc. Check out the map's legend so that you can distinguish permitted wells from dry holes and producing wells.


Giving your tract a look on the Railroad Commission of Texas GIS website, it appears that a horizontal well has been permitted across your tract, indicating a leasehold owner/operator has the intent, and received regulatory approval to drill a horizontal well.

Railroad Commission records tend to lag a few months behind the actual occurrence of events, so that operator could in fact be drilling the well as we speak, or it could simply still be an intention. Permits to drill are valid for 2 years in Texas.

Hopefully that gives you a little insight. Given that an operator has shown intent to drill a well there, odds are you have been contacted or will be contacted by someone to purchase your mineral rights. While i'm certain the prevailing advice from folks here would be to never sell (and as a mineral owner myself, I tend to lean that way too), I would say that's a decision you have to make specific to your situation, and your situation only.

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Hi Hunter,

I was contacted about a year ago, offering to purchase the mineral rights. Some of my family members sold, I chose not to sell. I see what you are saying, a permit goes through my abstract number and to another location in the same section 4. I just don't understand anything else from that. I have heard about pooling, etc, but don't understand if they do drill through my area, what would that mean to me if there is oil? I did not even realize I had these mineral inherited rights until the offer to purchase came up.

Thank you....



There is oil. In this area of the Permian basin, horizontal wells often come in at 1,000 barrels per day. 30,000 per month, times the price of oil, is now 1.5 million bucks. If you know your royalty decimal interest, multiply that to find your share per month, assuming the well is drilled entirely in your royalty parcel. Note: if they drill one horizontal well, they typically drill more. The number of wells depends somewhat on which company is operating there. There is some good advice on this web forum on preparing for a sudden influx of income. An important bit is to set a separate account aside to put 50% of the proceeds in to pay tax from.